Legacy versions of our templates are old stable releases. You can safely continue to use them in your already built projects. We will continue to provide support and maintenance for them, but we recommend to use the non-legacy version of the template if you’re starting a new project.

We recently started moving the development of our templates to a new environment. We plan to redesign all our current templates with the new dev tools The new released templates are set as the future stable versions and the current versions as a legacy version. This will allow us to better maintain, support, and add new features to our templates in the future. All the redesigned templates will be created using the latest available version of Bootstrap. All the third party libraries will be updated to their latest versions too.

Legacy Version Availability

The legacy versions are available only to paid members from their member areas. Once a template is set as a legacy, it will not be available for free download from our website and will be replaced with the new version.