All templates listed at are available for free download. We also offer paid/pro versions with more options and features. You can use the free versions in your personal or commercial projects as long as you comply with our license. It is also a good option to test, check the code and find out which template will work best for you. You can upgrade to the pro version later without losing your customization.

At BootstrapMade, we strive to provide high-quality website templates that cater to various needs and projects. Our licensing options are designed to offer flexibility and support for different usage scenarios, from personal projects to commercial ventures. Below, you'll find detailed information about our Free, Pro, and Premium Plan licenses to help you choose the best option for your requirements.

Free License

The Free License allows you to use our templates in personal and commercial projects without any cost. You have the freedom to customize the template files to fit your needs, and you can use them on an unlimited number of websites or domains. However, there are some limitations to consider. You cannot use free templates to create websites for clients or charge them for your work. Additionally, the footer credit link must remain intact, and features such as working PHP/AJAX contact forms, premium email support, Sass/SCSS files, and access to the template builder and pro templates are not included.

Pro License

The Pro License is ideal for users who need more advanced features and support for either a single website or multiple websites/domains. This license allows full customization of the template files and is suitable for both personal and commercial projects, including creating websites for clients and charging them for your work. You can remove the footer credit link and benefit from features such as working PHP/AJAX contact forms and premium email support. Sass/SCSS files are also included in this license.

There are two options available under the Pro License:

  • Single Website License: This option covers one website or domain.
  • Unlimited Website License: This option allows you to use the templates on an unlimited number of websites or domains.

However, access to all pro templates and the template builder is not included with this license; you only have access to the specific template purchased.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is the most comprehensive option, providing full access to all pro templates available during the membership period. This license is ideal for agencies or freelancers who work on numerous client projects and want to charge them for their work.

The Premium Plan aslo includes access to our Template Builder, which lets you create stunning website templates with ease. Customize every detail, prototype your project, and export it for final tweaks. You can use the templates for personal and commercial projects, with the ability to customize them fully and use them on an unlimited number of websites or domains. The license allows you to remove the footer credit link and includes working PHP/AJAX contact forms, premium email support, and Sass/SCSS files.

Developer Seats and Licensing

Each license provided by BootstrapMade is intended for use by a single developer. If you have a team or multiple developers who will be using the templates or the Template Builder, you must purchase separate licenses for each developer.

If you need more than five licenses, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and to explore potential bulk purchasing options. We are happy to provide customized solutions to meet your team's needs.

By adhering to this policy, we ensure that each developer using our templates and Template Builder is properly licensed, which helps us continue to provide high-quality products and support to our customers.

Reselling and Redistribution

None of the licenses allow for the reselling or mass redistribution of the templates or projects built with our Template Builder. Creating a website for a client does not constitute redistribution and is permitted under the Pro and Premium Plan licenses.

It is not allowed to use the templates or projects built with our Template Builder, in whole or in part, in online SaaS website builders or to create themes for CMSs like WordPress and mass redistribute them, whether publicly or for a fee.

You are allowed to integrate a template or projects built with our Template Builder into a custom CMS or popular CMS like WordPress and use it yourself or for your clients, as long as it is not redistributed. This means you can create custom websites for clients using the templates or projects built with our Template Builder, but you cannot sell the templates as standalone products or use them to create themes for mass distribution.